Donald Duck, Daisy Duck and Minnie Mouse 2 (3-4 years)

Children of this age are energetic, enthusiastic and eager to learn. Amidst the fun, we place emphasis on Fine Motor Development, which is the way in which the small movements of the small muscles of the hands, wrists, fingers, toes, eyes and tongue are used. 

Hand-eye co-ordination:
This is the ability to use the eyes to control the movements of the hands when executing a specific task.

Hand-toe co-ordination:
This refers to the ability to use the eyes to control the movements of the toes when executing a specific task.

This is the accurate movement or manipulation of the fingers. 

To improve these fine motor developments, the children are taught through play and work activities, such as: -
 Painting 'designs' on paper. 
 Feeding themselves without messing and drinking without spilling. 
 Moulding clay into balls, cakes and strips and is able to name his/her creation. 
 Building of easy puzzles. 
 Drawing in circular movements. 
 Stringing beads. 
 Building blocks .
 Cutting on a line with a pair of scissors. 
 Drawing a square using crayons. 
 Introduction to printing alphabetic letters and numbers.
 Cutting pictures out and paste them onto paper. 
 Buttoning up his/her own buttons. 
 Tying shoe laces. 
 Independent washing and drying of hands.

A routine of class and school is followed each day, and children participate in daily storytelling and singing as well as discussions around the respective weekly theme.





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