Goofy Class (2-3 years)

Play is a child's work; it's the process through which a child gains knowledge of the surrounding world.  Exploring and experimenting helps children find out how things work and children gradually gain knowledge and understanding.

Play is still a very important part at this age, for the reason that it is a significant part of development and a way to learn social rules and allow children to express their emotions in a nonthreatening situation.

Furthermore, social and emotional development is very important as children need to be shown correct behaviour and how to play together as they move from parallel play to cooperative play.

A routine of class and school is followed each day, whereby children are taught and participate in the following areas: -
 Learning of colours, shapes and counting,
 Art work such as colouring, painting, pasting and writing patterns (dot to dot),
 Story time, which develops English vocabulary and understanding,
 A new song is taught each week,
 Weekly theme discussions.

In this classroom we have a teacher as well as a teacher's aide, as toilet training is still necessary.





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